How to request a song at Lyricser!

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How to request a song at Lyricser!

Every song isn’t complete without lyrics! That is why, at Lyricser, we can convert any song and generate its lyrics. You can even opt to choose among our various languages from Hindi, English, Mandarin, Thai, Korean and Japanese plus you get to download the lyrics to your phone, PC and any device in formats Jpeg and PDF all for free!

So if you have songs you want to know the lyrics to, simply trust in us to accurately generate them! If you’re curious to know how to do so, we’ve listed down a step by step guide! Check it out down below:

Step one: Visit our site

First and foremost, you have to visit our site since that’s where you’ll be able to use our lyric generator. So head to www. and look for the ‘sign up’ button. Signing up with us will allow you to generate and download lyrics for free! Unregistered users will have to pay ₹3000 per song. So for free use, sign up with us!

Step 2: Register as a member

To register and be a member all you have to do to get started is by clicking on the ‘sign up’ button located on the upper right corner of the site. Once you click that, you’ll instantly be transferred to a sign-up form. Here you’ll be asked to provide your full name, date of birth, age, email address, address, zip code and contact number. 

As a bonus, you’ll be asked to provide 3 of your favourite genres. Any genre you select will serve as a guide for the website when it comes to recommending music to listen to. So after filling up all the required information, press the ‘complete’ button. Once you press this you’ll instantly be sent an email to verify your account.

Step 3: Verifying your account

Once you get the verification email, you’ll be informed about all the perks you can get from signing up such as free lyric generator, free download, song recommendation and so much more! 

After reading, press on the ‘I understand’ button once you’ve understood and grasped everything on the email. Once done, press the ‘verify account’ button. This will certify you as a member and will transport you back to our site.

Step 4: Generate lyrics!

Now that you’re a member you can start using our lyric generator and to do so, all you have to do is either get a Youtube link to the song or upload the song from your device. Place the link or file on the ‘Input link or file’ bar. 

After doing so choose among our available languages, click ‘generate’ once done, wait for 5 to 10 seconds. This may vary depending on your internet connection. Once done, you’ll instantly be provided with the lyrics on a different tab.

Step 5: 3 button options

If you opt to download the lyrics you generated, click on the 3 dots located on the upper right side of the lyric tab. You’ll then be provided with 3 options such as download, delete or report. 

The download option will allow you to download a jpeg or PDF file, the delete option will permanently delete your generated lyrics and lastly, the report button is used if the lyrics come out inaccurate.

Step 6: Song recommendation

For the song recommendation, 3 new songs under the 3 genres you picked will appear on the site’s interface. You can click on the song’s play button to listen. If you happen to like the song, you can also generate its lyrics and download it. This is only available for members. This feature will help you discover new songs and even widen your list of favourites!

Other features we offer

So once you become a member here at Lyricser,  you get to have tons of great perks! Such as free lyric generator, free download, song recommendation, your own library, a community chatbox, sharing your generated lyrics and so on! But since you already know how the first 3 features work, here’s a list of others! To know more here’s a rundown of other features we offer:

Community chatbox feature

Once you become a member you get to use our site’s community chatbox. There you’ll also get to meet and talk to other members. You’ll also be met with our vast collection of stickers you can use during chats. These stickers come in packs such as:

  • Emotion stickers
  • Michael Jackson stickers
  • Lady gaga stickers
  • Rihana stickers
  • Ariana Grande stickers
  • Justin Bieber stickers
  • Taylor Swift sticker
  • Katy Perry stickers

And for our 2022 update, we also allow you to send direct messages to other members, all you have to do is click on their profile picture during community chats, then press on the ‘message’ button. Once done, your request to chat will be sent to the other member. Once they accept it, both of you will have your personal chatbox where you can use stickers, send files and even video chat. 

For the video chat feature, this is limited down to 20 minutes per call. And you can only call people once they accept your call request. And if by any circumstance another member blocks you, you won’t be able to find their profile, message them, call them or even see them on our community platforms such as the message board and chatbox. 

This is also something you can do to other members, if you want to unblock simply go to settings, then personal information, then click on the ‘people I’ve blocked’. There you’ll be able to see everyone you’ve blocked so click on their profile then press the ‘unblock’ button. Note that blocking other members will delete any data created in the direct message chatboxes.

Sharing on the message board feature

As a member, you can share on our community message board. You can leave stickers, short messages and even generated lyrics files for other members to enjoy. This refreshes every day so feel free to share away! On the board, you’ll also get to see what other members around the world are posting.

And if you feel uncomfortable with any of the messages on the community message board, simply click on the user then press the report button. The site will analyze the message and if it breaks any of our policies it will be taken down. 

Reports take about 45 minutes up to an hour to process. Any member who gets 5 reports within 3 days will be penalised and blocked from using the community board for 2 days. 

Your own library feature

As soon as you are considered a member you instantly get your own library. This can be found in the upper left corner of the site. Here you’ll be able to store all of your generated lyrics and any other generated files you saved from other members. 

So if you don’t feel like downloading simply press the ‘save’ button then the file will instantly be transported into your library. This is also how you can save other members’ generated files they share on the community board or chatbox.

You can also edit your library and arrange your files. All you have to do is click on the 3 line button, then look for the ‘edit’ option. Once clicked you’ll be able to move your file around, most of the members organising it alphabetically or by image colour. 

Then, press the ‘done’ button and the editing mode will end. You can also opt to add images to each file. These images can only be added to your file. This is not applicable to be added if the file is not yours. So click on the file then press the ‘add image’ button. Make sure the image is already downloaded or found on your device.

Notes feature

Last but not least is the notes feature. This allows you to keep notes on the site and comes with 3 templates such as checklist, table and bullet. This also comes in 6 text options: bold, italic, underline, text colour, highlight and font size. 

Any notes added and saved will be stored on the site. So if you exit the site or log out, all you noted will be saved on the feature. Only when you remove them, deactivate an account, or not save will they disappear.

A 2022 update on this feature now allows you to add in images! So if you want to add in some pictures all you have to do is click on the ‘option’ button then press ‘add image’. For mobile and tablet devices you’ll be asked to choose between ‘add an image from gallery’ or ‘take a picture’. For your PC you’ll be directed to your ‘My computer’ to retrieve the file.


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