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Lyricser: The best lyric generator in town!

Here at Lyricser, we provide accurate lyrics to any song you desire. All you have to do is provide us with a Youtube link of the song or a file then we’ll generate it away! So if you can’t find lyrics to your favourite song around the web, trust in us here at Lyricser where we can generate any lyrics to any song!

What we offer:

Apart from our lyric generator we also offer other great features! All you have to do to access them is by signing up with us. As soon as you’re a member you’ll be able to use all our great features and even meet new people. So if you’re aching to know what we have to offer, here’s a rundown:

Free download

After generating lyrics, you have the option to download them if you please. All you have to do is click on the 3 dots located on the upper right of the newly downloaded lyrics tab. You’ll then be provided with 3 options such as download, delete or report. 

Song recommendation

For the song recommendation, during your sign-up process, you’ll be asked 3 preferred genres. And, depending on the genre you choose, the site will have a notion of what music to suggest to you each time you visit. So 3 new songs under the 3 genres you picked will appear on the site’s interface each day. 

Community chatbox

As a member, you get to use the community chatbox. Here, you’ll be able to meet new people, make new friends and chat away! You can also opt to message other members directly. To start, click on their profile picture during community chats, then press on the ‘message’ button. Once done, your request to chat will be sent. Once they accept it, both of you will have a personal chatbox.

Community message board 

Another way to socialise with other members is through our community message board. Here, you’ll be able to post stickers, short messages and even generated lyric files for other members to enjoy. This refreshes and clears out every day so feel free to share away! On the board, you’ll also get to see what other members around the world are posting.

Own notes

Lastly is the notes feature. Here you get to keep your own notes on the site. Every member gets 3 templates which are: checklist, table and bullet. This also comes in 6 text options: bold, italic, underline, text colour, highlight and font size. 

Any notes saved will be stored on the site. So if you exit the site or log out, all you noted will be saved on the feature. Only when you remove them yourself, when you deactivate an account, or if you don’t save it do they disappear